Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Review: Conscious Box!

I use the phrase "I love" a little too freely. I love anything from food I've just tried, to people I just met, to ideas on a friend's blog, to an animal I have a picture of on my phone.  I love quickly and easily.

It's no exaggeration when I say that I love the premise of Conscious Box.  By virtue of what a subscription box is -- a monthly package filled with small samples of snacks and products, each individually wrapped, each with the potential for the sampler to discard if she's uninterested -- they inevitably create waste.  

Conscious Box creates an earth-friendly, conflict-free alternative to your typical subscription box.  The company also offers a gluten-free and a vegan version of the subscription box but not a gluten-free and vegan option.  At $19.95/month, and slightly less if you pay for multiple months at once, it's pricey for the amount of products you receive.  Still, the peace of mind from conscious consumerism is in the price, and I opine that it's worth it.

With a two-month run at Conscious Box, I felt at ease having this package delivered to my doorstep.  And I felt mostly satisfied with the products that arrived: vegan sunscreen, vitamins, wheat grass, African soap, snacks, and my favorite, a wean cube.  Wean cubes (I guess) are intended for storing baby food or other liquids that could easily create a big ol' mess if toted in standard tupperware.  But these little guys provide just enough space for what would be considered a typical serving of nuts or seeds or trail mix.  In that sense, it's great for portion control and it's just super cute! I love my wean cube.

September Conscious Box -- slim pickings, just 10 items!

Though my wean cube is probably the only item that I will seek out after my two months of receiving Conscious Box, uncovering this one product feels valuable! Maybe you'll chance upon your next favorite eco-friendly beauty product or snack with Conscious Box.


  1. Where is the little Wean box? I'm so curious about it but I don't see it in the picture!

    Also, you might be interested in checking out LunchBots. They have super cool stainless steel reusable containers, including some little bitty ones for dressings, etc. They're moderately priced, but I assume they would basically last forever unlike all my plastic Tupperware, and they aren't fragile like glass.

    1. Alicia, I unfortunately lost my picture of the October box, all of its contents, and the Wean Cube! I stopped auto back up on Google+, because in a moment of paranoia and silliness while reading The Circle, I thought the Internet was watching me a little too closely (which it probably is, but I can stand to care a little less!). That said, it wouldn't be difficult for me to get a photo up of the Wean Cube -- I use it literally constantly!

      I will have to check out LunchBots! Sounds adorable and I am sure they are too! Thanks for the suggestion, I've been loving cute lunch ware lately!

  2. I enjoyed my Conscious Box as well, but I felt I didn't always use everything, or know how to use everything, so I ultimately didn't renew. But I agree, I love the concept of this vegan, sustainable box as compared to other subscription boxes.

    1. Sarah, that's another great thing to bring up! I did find myself changing my vitamin regime so I could use the ten (!!) samples of the same vitamin that came in the September box. It was fun to be exposed to new things, but I wish I _could_ use everything!