Monday, November 18, 2013

Coffee Roundup! ...with recipes for every special diet

"I think I'm drinking too much coffee!  I think I'm drinking too much coffee!"

I own a mug adorned with an image of a visibly jittery individual rattling off this phrase, over and over again.  Often times, I wonder if I'm becoming the very person on the front of my coffee cup.  

With this round up, I don't have to worry if I'm drinking too much coffee.  The concern, instead, becomes "I think I'm eating too much coffee!"  But then you see how much coffee is actually in each of these recipes and you realize it's NBD.  Consume your coffee with abandon, go wild!

Photo credit: Hell Yeah It's Vegan

Vegan Chocolate Cake with Coffee Buttercream Frosting

I made this cake for my birthday in October, and it was a hit!  I'm not usually a frosting person; I much prefer the cake itself to the sugar coating.  But... the frosting on this cake is ridiculous!  It's the best part!  Glad I made a little too much of it and had plenty of it to "sample" before icing the cake.

Photo credit: Cooking Stoned

Coffee and Chili Flavored Pumpkin Seeds

I'm addicted to coffee, as is clear by this round up, but I also cannot resist anything with a spicy kick to it.  These treats are obviously gluten-free and grain-free too.  If you replace the sugar in the recipe with agave or maple syrup, you'll be able to cut out processed sugars as well.  Pumpkin seeds are a great option for vegans seeking protein. If you're a VSP like me, then you should crunch away on these knowing that they pack some serious nutritional benefits.

Photo credit:  The Clean Dish

Chocolate Mocha Haystacks

These raw, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, processed sugar-free treats are astounding.  The mocha twist breathes new life into this old, tried and true recipe.  I just made these last week and they refrigerate beautifully.  Ate a few for breakfast this morning (let's keep that between you and me), and they still are perfectly chewy.

Photo credit:  Spiced Curiosity

Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream

It's becoming rather chilly in Chicago, but that doesn't mean you should stop consuming ice cream!  Another vegan, gluten/grain/processed sugar-free recipe to enjoy with all of your special-diet-having friends.

Photo credit: Jaymi Heimbuch

Coffee Walnut Cookies

Aren't these cookies just beautiful?  Something you'd have at high tea with royalty or hobbits.  The recipe isn't inherently vegan, you'll need to swap the butter with vegan margarine or coconut oil.  To make them gluten free, a gluten-free flour blend should do the trick.

Photo credit:  Food Doodles

Raw Vegan Espresso Brownies

Just 15 minutes of your time, seven ingredients, and a food processor will yield these raw vegan, gluten- and grain-free, and processed sugar-free treats.  Get off your booty and eat some brownies!

Photo credit:  Vegan Yack Attack

Vanilla Latte Chia Parfait

I really should have prefaced this whole post with how healthy all of these decadent recipes are!  Chia seeds are a "superfood" or whatever, but put that aside and this is another gluten/grain/processed sugar-free recipe that will make you wonder why people equate "eating clean" with never indulging.


  1. Oh stop you temptress! I am back on the coffee train, tail between my legs, but damn if I don't love the stuff. ;) These desserts look so amazing!

    1. There's no shame on the coffee train! Only pleasant aromas and caffeine buzzes! We should get paleo/vegan cooking sometime and make a few of these dream desserts a reality :)