Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Published in Chickpea Magazine

Chickpea Magazine is a zine-like vegan quarterly filled with gorgeous photography and inspired recipes and DIY projects. And when I say it's gorgeous and zine-like, I mean it.  It's free of advertisements and absolutely beautiful from cover to cover. Seriously, look:

I'm honored to have my words on being vegan and dating omnivores in the Fall 2013 issue of Chickpea.  And, though it was tempting, I don't argue that as a vegan you should avoid omnis when you play the field.

How could I?  Dating someone different than me has been an incredible learning experience.  Listening to someone who has a unique perspective regarding the topics for which I hold staunch views has been, at times, a practice in patience and diplomacy, and more often, of indispensable value.  It's been an ongoing opportunity to think deeper and outside of my own paradigm of "common sense."  I've grown. 

If you'd like to read more of what I have to say on the topic, or if you're interested in supporting Chickpea Magazine, you can purchase the current issue here. Chickpea distributes both digital and print copies. It's important to note that the digital version does have extra content, saves trees, and arrives instantly! You can also find an almost complete preview of the issue, and my feature, at ISSUU.

Thanks for checking it out and for your support! Happy dating!


  1. Congrats Tina! That pub is gawh-geous! Though I'm not vegan and neither is boyfriend, our eating habits are hugely different and I find myself sticking to things I know where he wants to try everything and anything (food is not one of my adventure areas). But, he pushes me to try new things and eat more veggies, since I tend to gravitate to carbs. Slowly, but surely, food is becoming much more fun for me and while it's unlikely I'll give up meat, I'm super excited about my garden planned for the spring/summer and becoming more sustainable/self-sufficient in our food consumption.

    Congrats again lady and loving the blog!

    1. Jenn, thank you so much! I really appreciate your kind words! And thanks for sharing -- hearing about you and your boo's diverging food preferences _and_ willingness to help one another branch out gives me hope! Food is such a big part of lifestyle, culture, and tradition that I understand why it might be difficult for people with different dietary preferences to sustain a relationship. You're testament to the virtues of cooperation and mutual growth :)!