Monday, September 2, 2013

A few quick words: Indian food in the Chi suburbs

Not a real post.  This is totally not fair.  This totally doesn't count.  But here is what I ate for dinner today: delicious yellow daal and rice with saffron.  P.S. Cooper is currently requiring my full attention (largely due to my undeniable wit and charm), so I don't have time to write.

Here are a few closing thoughts:

Why do the suburbs get such a bad rap?
Is it because we have less Indian food options here?  If so, I totally agree.  Indian food is great and it's bogus we don't have more options.  Actually, it's WAY MORE bogus that we don't have many (read: any) vegan options here.  (And don't get me started on Chow Patti.  I loathe that place.) Chicago wins when it comes to  quality vegan fare.  But for tonight, I loved my daal! And for that, suburbs, you are okay by me.  For now.

Why do restaurants give you so much food in the U.S.?  
Whatever the answer -- it's okay, I'll just have some for lunchies tomorrow!

Which is better: Indian food buffet or Indian food off the menu?  
I really can't do Indian buffets because I eat far too much food and convince myself that if I just put a little food on another plate it'll be okay.  At the same time, despite the consequential food coma, doesn't more food mean better value?  But then no left overs for lunch?! AH.

Tongue twister of the day:  Sasquatch eats sassy squash.
Say it five times... fast.  It's going to be the new name for this blog.


  1. Oh, what place is this? My husband and I live way out in the suburbs and so wish it was easy to find vegan Indian food here!

    1. Hi Lindsey! I went to Gaylord Indian Cuisine ( in Schaumburg, IL. There are a lot of vegan options on the menu and they start you off with roti, cilantro chutney, and tamarind chutney. I thought it was kind of pricey, though! I really like the buffet at India House in Buffalo Grove, IL and at The Curry Hut in Highwood, IL. I think at both places it's around $10, but you'll definitely leave full! Manpasand in Arlington Heights, IL is an okay option for take-out, too. Just don't get the Samosa's, I'm not a fan! Hope this helps! Please let me know if you come across any good Indian restaurants in the Chicago burbs. I would love to hear about them :)!

    2. Thank you SO much! :D I will check all these out and let you know if I discover anything new!

      PS - I don't like Chowpatti either! What a disappointment!

    3. No problem! And I'm glad I'm not alone re: Chowpatti haha. It really is a disappointment... hopefully something vegan and delicious pops up around the suburbs soon!

  2. Tina, have you been to Pita Inn? Probably. But I wanted to mention it to you, given that Mom and Terry eat there every Friday and still aren't sick of it.

    1. I've had Pita Inn a few times before (at your mom's wedding, too!) and I really like it! I rarely go there, though! I'll have to keep it in mind next time. Thanks, Jo!