Saturday, September 14, 2013

This week: Cola de fuego, squats, and friends

Something on vegansaurus caught my eye.  It was this (and the video, links, etc that came after.):

Marketing mutts -- brilliant! Every pet is unique; I love the way naming mixed breeds has been able to highlight how desirable it is (and has always been!) to adopt a pup regardless of pedigree! 

Lentil loaf! It doesn't look appealing and with that name it sure doesn't sound appealing, but damn I love lentils in a loaf.  This is my first time departing from my usual recipe and trying to do my own thing. Unfortunately, it didn't work out structurally (or aesthetically, when I tried to take a piece out of the pan to photograph, either), so I won't be posting this recipe until I get it right.  It tasted great though! And it super filled me up! Hopefully I'll revise it by Thanksgiving -- a great day for lentil loaf and all of the vegan feasty foods. Otherwise, there are plenty of other options that either can be easily made or already are gluten free.

Oats and squats?  My little brother and boyfriend apparently run in the same Internet circle.  This makes me uneasy for reasons I can't articulate.  Both of them have spoken to me about the oats and squats thing.  Good thing I eat oats and do squats, because that means I like totally know what they're talking about and can relate to them.  You know who else eats a lot of oats?  The Oatmeal Artist sure does!  Put a poncho on your laptop, smart phone, or desktop then go drool over her salted brownie baked oatmeal.

Finding new blogs!  Such as The Oatmeal Artist, through Blog Lovin'.  And reading the blogs I love a little more consistently, though quite honestly...

I've been so busy...  And I've put a lot of blog-ish-ness on hold until things settle down a bit.  It's been hectic mostly because of my job search, and I have my first in-person interviews coming up next week!

Re-connecting with one of my best friends recently was an unexpected and beyond welcomed surprise.  Do you have any people who you just mesh with super well?  Who you trust fully and who you know will drive or die with you? A random rendezvous has me friend crushing all over again, which is totally another perk to staying in the states.  You should definitely go support some of the awesome work my friend is doing!

Lastly, The JGL Report.  Here he is cuddling a cat.

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