Monday, September 30, 2013

Review: Vegan Cuts!

A few days ago, I received a subscription box from Vegan Cuts! Since then, and with the help of hungry hippo brothers, I've dug into the delicious snackies from Vegan Cuts.

Let me start by saying that from the subscription boxes I've seen (I've received Conscious Box and a boy pal of mine subscribes to BirchBox), none of them match up to Vegan Cuts in the number and range of products you'll be exposed to through your subscription.  In this first box, I found...

  • A bag of assorted vegetable chips, and I mean a whole bag of the best root veggie chips you'll ever have.  Sometimes root veggie chips are too thin, too oily, too MSG-y, but these were perfect (and MSG free!).  When you look at the cover on the bag of chips and at what you are eating, it is actually, and shockingly, the same.
  • Banana bites, which are organic brown stubby little guys that are oddly delicious
  • Coupons!
  • The most "mmm..." and healthy instant breakfast cereal you can imagine. The product is gluten-free whole rolled oats packed with organic chia, flax, quinoa, pepitas, and more.  Needless to say, I am a TeeChia convert.
  • Roasted seaweed with olive oil
  • An ayurvedic alternative to Emergen-C; it was plant-based and, once mixed with hot water, smelled like a yummy herbal tea
  • Vegan sunscreen
  • Fish-less tunafish in a can, so we don't feel left out!  Maybe I'm just slow to hear about these types of things, but I had no idea a product like this existed. I've yet to try it, and I'm in no rush to do so.  Mostly, I just enjoy the novelty of having a can of fish-less tuna around.
And, that's still not all.

I hadn't previously purchased any of the products I received from Vegan Cuts, making the box a really wonderful experience in trying new things.  It's also a useful tool for knowing what to buy next time I'm in the market for sunscreen or in the mood for fish-less tuna in a can.

The great thing about Vegan Cuts is that you're not only gaining exposure to great vegan products that are vastly different from one another, but you're doing so in a very economical way. By the sheer volume of products you'll receive, at $19.95/month, this subscription box gives you a bang for your buck.  If you're thinking about it, head this way to learn more.

Vegan Cuts offers more than vegan snack box subscriptions.  They also have a vegan beauty box, items from their boxes for purchase online (which takes the work out of trying to find a product after you've fallen in love with it!), and a blog that serves as a great resource for vegans who want to know what's new and out there for them.  Go be friends and check them out!

Have any of you tried Vegan Cuts? What did you think? What subscription boxes would you suggest to a vegan or a foodie?


  1. What?! How did I not know about this. I got a 3 month subscription to Conscious Box for Christmas this year and it was fun! I'm trying to get all the way converted to 100% vegan, cruelty free beauty products, and I'm thinking the vegan beauty box might be the ticket! Also, I'm hoping you'll share some of your face vegan beauty products on the blog :-)

    1. Conscious Box is one I recently tried out, too! It is very helpful for discovering cruelty-free and vegan products -- there was a wonderful and subtle smelling soap sample in the September box! I'll be sure to share more regarding beauty products in upcoming posts, Sarah! Thanks for the suggestion!